My Services

I can create a customized plan to meet your unique needs, or you can select one or more of the following options:

One-Hour Consultative Session

If you aren’t sure if your organization is ready to invest in a full-scale planned giving program, or if you have specific questions about best practices in any area of planned giving fundraising, then consider booking an hour with me. You and your team can ask me anything regarding planned giving or related areas of fundraising and development.

Foundational Support

If you’re interested in building a planned giving program but not yet ready to sign on for a longer-term partnership, then consider working with me to create all items needed for you to have a program in place. I identify recommended elements for your organization’s new (or newly-revamped) planned program and create the content for all of the resources and materials you will need before officially launching.

Digital and Print Marketing

The best way to generate planned giving leads is through thoughtful, impact-driven, donor-centered multichannel marketing. I can advise you about how to best engage with your donors through targeted digital and print marketing efforts designed to educate your base, encourage notification of planned gifts, and identify your top legacy and noncash giving prospects. I also create the content for each package and/or provide you with fully designed pieces and provide guidance on how to target the right audience.

Staff & Volunteer Training

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing gift officers put training into practice and experience how easy and enjoyable planned giving fundraising can be. No matter the makeup of your team, I can offer position-relevant training that empowers your staff with useful, simple information and prepares them to effectively cultivate and solicit legacy gift commitments as well as noncash current gifts.

Subject Matter Expertise & Ongoing Strategic Support

One of the main barriers to starting a planned giving program is the fear of the technical. A common concern is that if you start marketing and asking for planned gifts, then donors will ask questions for which you might not have the answers. Fear not! As your dedicated planned giving consultant, I will be available to answer questions about more complex planned gifts, whether from donors, internal leadership, or board members.

All of The Above

If you’re ready to dive into planned giving and make the most cost-effective investment in fundraising, then consider partnering with me on full-scale support that includes all of the above (and more!). We will start with a comprehensive discovery session to assess your needs, and then I will create your foundational materials, oversee the appropriate marketing efforts, and complete staff training. I can also help you to thoughtfully engage your board and/or other key stakeholders and even assist in portfolio review meetings with your gift officers. During our monthly (or bi-monthly) strategic sessions, I will provide guidance and keep you updated on our progress, and you can always contact me with questions in between.

Schedule a call with me to get started today.

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