Why Planned Giving?

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Planned giving is a special kind of fundraising.

Why Planned Giving Matters

For most people, a major gift isn’t in the cards. Lack of liquidity, uncertain economic conditions, and ongoing financial obligations make it impossible for the average person to make a major gift. Planned giving is different.

Planned giving is for everyone. Anyone can make a gift to your organization in their will or trust. And as the vast majority of wealth is tied up in real estate, securities, and other non-cash assets, the average person can make a greater investment through their estate plans than they ever could during their lifetime.

Planned giving fundraising is cost-effective. Legacy gift fundraising is the most cost-conscious kind of fundraising. The cost per dollar raised for bequests can be as low as 11 cents, which is far less than typical major and annual giving program expenses. As the average legacy gift value is between an estimated $35,000 and $70,000, your investment into building or growing your planned giving program can yield significant resources for your mission. And as legacy donors tend to increase their annual giving after making a planned gift, it can also mean a bump in current revenue.

Planned giving adds value. With many kinds of planned gifts, your donors can take advantage of significant tax savings not available with a gift of cash. By engaging in planned giving conversations, gift officers become trusted philanthropic advisors who help your supporters benefit from their generous contributions.

Planned gift donors are the best. When a donor includes a gift to your organization in their estate plans, you are being treated as a member of their family. For this reason, legacy donors tend to be the most invested in your organization’s success and care deeply about the mission and its impact. Recognition is nice, but it’s usually not their main motivation. Their heart is truly in the right place.

Planned giving is existential. While we never bring up death when talking about planned giving, this inevitable part of life looms large for most, especially in our later years. “How will I be remembered?” is a question that becomes louder in our minds as we age. By assisting your donors in making a legacy gift, you’re not just securing important resources for the future of your organization, you’re also helping them pass on their values and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing part of their personal legacy is helping to make the world a better place.

And finally, planned giving is fun. It is! Figuring out a donor’s goals and then working with them to find the right planned giving option(s) is like solving an interesting puzzle. You have the opportunity to get creative and offer ideas that can lead to a transformational gift for your organization. And after building a relationship with one of your most dedicated supporters, it’s incredibly rewarding to steward them and see how excited and proud they are of the impact their future gift will make.

Do you agree? Let’s talk about how we can leverage this special kind of fundraising to provide greater financial sustainability for your organization.


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